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The Illumin8tors is a co-creative artistic collective embracing musicians, photographers, visual artists, dancers, poets, and just good people, who keep their minds and hearts open to overstep the limits of individual creativity and to multiply their inspiration through cooperation. Learn about us →

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Future in Haze

Aug 15 | Barcelona | Future in Haze by Lena Kilina

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On August 15,  Lena Kilina presented her mini photo series from Morocco - Future in Haze - at Untitled BCN. This mini exhibition became a part of the legendary event of...

June 7 | Brazil | Photo exhibition by Lena Kilina

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On June 7, Lena Kilina will share her visual collection of photography, compiled while traveling in Siberia, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan. Frozen moments of the past will be revived by...

Capture a moment

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View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger Life is a moment. It is gone before you realize it. Pictures,...

Water experiments in Barcelona

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Last Saturday Lena Kilina brought her Water Experiments to Barcelona and presented her photographic artworks at Untitled BCN Gallery. Lena's experiments were developed as a part of Illumin8tors' Vessel Project,...

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